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Friday, April 1, 2011

Steve Byrne at the Addison Improv Now thru Sunday!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Steve's show at The Addison Improv, one of my favorite venues.  I was the first to arrive for the show, but the place wasn't empty for long. I could feel a great energy from the crowd - the majority of the patrons were obviously Addison Improv Veterans.
Thirty minutes before the show, the staff at The Improv was running like a well-oiled machine.  Patrons were seated quickly.  Drinks were served faster than I could have gotten them from my own refrigerator.  The staff handled the crowd with the grace of a debutante, but the organization skills of air traffic control.
Ten minutes before the show, the club was jam-packed, and people were still filing in.  The place was buzzing with conversation, and the mood was fantastic.
The host, Justin Foster, took to the stage to warm up the crowd.  Justin quickly charmed the audience with his relaxed style.  He made us all feel comfortable; Justin seemed like a guy who could hang out with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  He told jokes about his divorced parents, high school job, living with his girlfriend and the dilemmas that cohabitation can bring, and all the joys associated with being a child of the 80's. 
Justin had us eating out of the palm of his hand by the time he brought up the featurette, Bill Crawford.
Like Steve Byrne, Bill Crawford is from Pennsylvania, and hilarious.  Bill told of life with his girlfriend, how reality tv and Sallie Mae are preventing him from marrying, and what growing up as the only white kid in his school was like.  Bill concluded his set by reading the most disturbing, yet hysterical love letter he received in junior high.  Bill Crawford provided non-stop laughs, and several surprises, and I hope to see him in the Dallas area again soon.
The audience was primed and ready by the time headliner, Steve Byrne, took the stage.
Steve Byrne has the rare talent of being able to poke fun at people and racial stereotypes without conjuring up bad feelings or resentment. Half Irish, half Korean, 100% American, Steve reminded us that the (fill-in-the-blank)-American labels we put upon ourselves to show our "identity," are the same labels that separate us from one another.  He cleverly explored truth in stereotypes, sexual euphemisms, and why environmentalism may be bad for self-preservation. 
Byrne did not disappoint, and I highly recommend you click on the Addison Improv Calendar link & quickly purchase your tickets for one of these shows, before it is sold out!
(if you do not get a chance to make one of these shows, consider buying Steve's latest Comedy Central one-hour special, Steve Byrne- The Byrne Identity )

Check back this weekend for our interview with Dallas' own CHELSEA HOOD and information about her upcoming shows!

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